Think of Remodeling Your Bathroom?

At Crescent City Bathroom Remodel is selected expert for bathroom remodeling in Evansville, Indiana. Our workers are ready to tackle any bath design, no matter the size or layout. Thus to bring up to date your space with modern fixtures and premium materials, Our company offer bathroom remodeling photo gallery to our customer for them to easily turn their ideas into reality. You can call us and let start with a free quote. Our work also offers a handicap usable bathroom remodels.

For remodeling, job needs a wide range of skills, from wiping out to replacing of fixtures. Also, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical. Our workers have worked in homes across Evansville, Indiana installing new fixture and other materials. We offer advice and expert workers needed for bathroom remodeling ideas to all the community of Evansville.

We also give high-quality materials to match your style and taste. Hence, our company is one of the leaders in bathroom remodeling. We commit to sourcing only premium materials from local, national, and international suppliers. Bathroom Remodeling Evansville In turn to Cresent City Pros!

Bathroom Remodeling

At Crescent City Bathroom Remodel is ready for use for seven days a week and can promise you expert remodeling. As well as, knowledge and 100% satisfaction. In decades of experience and expertise in home and remodeling projects. We make sure that your bathroom will have the right selection of colors, materials, shades, and corners. Hence, we set up all the work to make sure we helped you choose the right type of material, colors, and shapes for your bathroom. With the aid of our expert, we listen to your bathroom ideas and then we will make an outline.

Bathroom Repainting

With lots of expertise in every way of our service like bathroom repainting. Our staff is able to repaint your bathroom with excellent. You may ask to have your own color mixture for your bathroom. Hence, our staff in repainting the bathroom able to repaint your wall beautifully and very clean. With high-quality paint, we use to make sure that we give an excellent outcome for your bathroom. Hence, we commit ourselves to give an excellent result in all of our services.

Personalized Bathroom Cabinets

We have expert workers in carpentry to work and build your dream bathroom cabinet. Our designer can create your cabinet dream into reality. With years of working and building bathroom cabinets, we are proud to say that we meet customer satisfaction. Not only in the cabinet but also in all the services we give to all of our customers. We choose high-quality plywood and other good materials. So that we are sure that the cabinet that we build will last along years.

Bathroom Tile Repair

We do understand the importance of flooring when finishing up a bathroom remodel. That is why we offer custom tile and flooring option to give our customers the perfect fit for their style and budget. So many aspects when installing your custom tile and flooring. We ensure that every step is met so that your tiles last. Here is how we work:

  • With planning and preparation, we start our work. Thus, to make sure that if any difficult design or pattern need proper execution.
  • We are careful to install your tile to remove the possibility of mold, mildew, as well as leaks.
  • And then we make sure proper tile sealing to keep out water.

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