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Don’t merely settle in your home, live in it! As much as settling and living seem to mean one thing, the experience is different. To live means to enjoy the environment, the atmosphere, mood, and the aesthetics of every space you call home. To achieve this, you need to make that every part of your home looks, feels, smells, and gives the best it can. Bathrooms fulfill many activities, so you need every part of it to function and glow: faucets, tubs, showers, showerheads, toilets, and the walls.


Whatever service you need to be completed, Crescent City Bathroom Remodel Company is here to attend to your bathroom remodeling needs. We give excellent artistry that will always guarantee your satisfaction. We mind our customers’ needs by paying attention to every detail, so we ensure even the handicapped needs are met with a touch of class.

Crescent City Bathroom remodel is a locally owned full-administration building and administration company serving Evansville, Indiana. We make your home a better place by maximizing its value, wholesomeness, and feel through renovating and remodeling services for your bathroom, kitchen, and more. Our team strives to bring out the best results by using the best materials and craftsmanship of the best quality. We know the value of using the best quality materials while still ensuring that we are affordable.  Our team of dedicated contractors ensures that the transformation we bring to your home achieves and surpasses your satisfaction. Our top-notch services will make you proud to show off your space and, possibly, refer your family and folks to us. Contact us for free estimates and quality, satisfactory services


Our Services

Evansville Bathroom remodeling
Evansville Remodeling Bathroom
Kitchen Remodeling Evansville

Your bathroom may be looking good, but still, you might be feeling something missing. Well, don’t scratch your head too much because our team of experts has the expertise, not only for bathroom remodeling but also to identify the missing pieces that your space needs. We give ideas on how modern bathrooms look like and offer advice on how you can renovate yours to match with the trend. To provide you with awesome bathroom remodel ideas, we offer bathroom remodeling photo gallery to help in decision making. Our range of services includes bathroom remodeling, personalized bathroom cabinets, bathroom repainting, and bathroom tile repair.

Since our bathtub refinishing Evansville IN team has been working for more than ten years now visiting homes around the Indiana city refinishing, refurbishing and remodeling homes, they have the experience and expertise of working on other parts of your house like the basement and the kitchen too. For some now, Crescent City has become so popular since many clients got referrals from people we had helped and achieved their desired goals.

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Evansville Bathroom remodeling services

Bathroom Remodeling

If you need transformative services that are more in-depth, like replacing or adding particular fixtures or placements or pieces within your bathroom, then looking into the bathroom remodeling services that we give will deliver the results you are anticipating.  We are dedicated professionals who strive to bring you great looks and the practicality that you require within your bathroom installation. We give you the best services of both worlds.

Evansville Personalized Bathroom Cabinets

Personalized Bathroom Cabinets

Your bathroom cabinets have both practical and aesthetic value within your home, so ensuring that you get the excellent look and utility from these fittings is a priority. We give you a wide range of choices in terms of the material and finish of your bathroom cabinets. We always ensure that we bring specialty assistance and so much more to ensure that your bathroom storage space is a versatile one.

Though we have a wide array of choices when it comes to bathroom cabinets design and materials, we keep in mind that some of our clients prefer a more customized finish. With this in mind, our design experts work closely with you, ensuring that we can blueprint your installation and give you a perfect individual-tailored bathroom cabinet service. Whatever ideas you are thinking of, you can always depend on our experts to make them a reality.

Evansville Bathroom Repainting

Bathroom Repainting

With expertise, we skillfully breathe life to your bathroom with a repainting service. Our professionals have the required skills to repaint your bathroom to make it look bright, warm, and relaxing in every way. We don’t stick to giving you our ideas, therefore, you can always ask to have your own color mixture. We will be happy to give your bathroom the color and ambiance you desire. We come equipped with high quality paint to ensure that the results are perfect and long-lasting. In case your paint chips due to a leakage, our plumbing team will first rectify the leaking issue before embarking on the repainting job.

Evansville Bathroom Tile Repair

Bathroom Tile Repair

You have a chipped tile in your shower, a backsplash or you want to ignite the magic of your bathroom floor? Our bathroom remodeling Evansville IN team are experts at installing, updating, and repairing all types of tiles, including porcelain tile, glass tile, stone tile, ceramic tile.

Evansville Kitchen Remodeling
Evansville Kitchen Remodeling services

Other Home Improvement Services

We not only focus on your bathrooms, leaving the rest of your house in a critical condition. Crescent City values the state of the entire home, so our team of contractors and craftsmen are always ready to lay their magical expertise to all of your house needs including the kitchen, basement and other areas in your home. At Crescent City, we ensure all our Evansville IN clients live in a happy, welcoming home.  Everyone in our team has an average of 10 years plus experience so practically. There is no job that they cannot handle. If you have not seen your specific room listed, you should still go ahead and call to speak to our home remodeling contractors about your home improvement needs. Call to enquire the details of your specific home improvement need.

Why Use Our Services

Evansville Bathroom Remodel Company
Bathroom Remodeling Services Evansville
Evansville Remodeling Kitchen

At Crescent City, we boast in our customer satisfaction since we make the customers’ needs as our top priority.  Crescent City exists because you exist, so we are dedicated to offering timely services and work within the estimated time and budget that we communicate to our clients upfront. We also value the general well-being of our clients, so we ensure that we give free estimates while considering affordability. We also guarantee quality work, so we insist on using only the best quality materials and skilled and experienced professionals. We also give professional advice to our clients before and after doing our actual services. We look at your premise with a professional eye and give you the best advice that will work for your home for years to come instead of offering temporary work that will only last for some days or months. Our professionals are like doctors of buildings; they diagnose the ailment of your space, offer alternatives, and with the help of the owner, come up with the best decision that will provide the best results.

Why You Need To Remodel Your Bathroom


The bathroom is the relaxation point of the house; more than the bedroom is. In most cases, when you are so stressed and tensed up you will definitely lose some tension when you immerse yourself in a bathtub full of warm water, or when you sit under a shower crying amidst the falling water, right? Therefore, we need to ensure that this room looks the best it can so that when we need soothing from it, we can get the best. The mood needs to be soothing. The air needs to be fresh. The colors should also add to the warm feeling, and above all, every part should offer both aesthetic value and utility value. The pipes need to be well sealed. Walls should be well painted, cabinets well fitted, the tab should be welcoming and clean, and the flooring too should be exquisite. Every part of your bathroom needs to be on point to ensure maximum functioning and to avoid any accidents that might occur.  A slippery floor might cause harmful falls; leaking pipes can cause moisture that is harmful to your house and your health too. Nothing of this sort should happen in your home that is why we are here to offer you help whenever you need.

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We are always here to attend to your needs and always happy to help. Whenever you need any retouch in your house, don’t hesitate to give us a call, text, or live us an email. Don’t worry about our cost since we offer free quotations of our services and reach an agreement before we embark on working. We are looking forward to attending to you.

"Excellent remodeling company to work with. Punctual, hard working, great prices, but most of all did an amazing job on our bathroom. They also did some work in our kitchen! Highly recommended." - Sandra T.

"I was scouting out a price for a kitchen remodeling, and after they were done with it I was so pleased I decided to book them to redo my master bathroom soon after. Very nice company to work with. Great workers." - John W.

"These are my go-to remodeling contractors in Evansville and here's why: They work hard, the work at a good pace, and the result is always great. You can count on them." - Tony G.

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